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The Object Management Group® (OMG®) has adopted CORBA/e™ (CORBA/e for embedded) as a standard. Drawing on more than 16 years of experience with the CORBA® middleware, OMG has designed CORBA/e to have the best of both worlds: dramatically minimizing the footprint and overhead of typical middleware, while retaining the core elements of interoperability and real-time computing that support optimized distributed systems. See CORBA/e Formal Specification.

CORBA is a mature, standard middleware that combines the interoperability, deterministic execution, and absolute dependability required by distributed embedded systems. CORBA standardizes the interoperability, and Real-time CORBA defines the deterministic execution platform that these systems need, but the full versions of these specifications were designed for a resource-rich, dynamic environment. To adapt these specifications to the resource-constrained, static embedded environment, OMG developed CORBA/e. CORBA/e sheds the dynamic and high-resource aspects of CORBA (such as the Dynamic Invocation Interface, Interface Repository, and Components) while retaining full interoperability and the real-time infrastructure including static scheduling.

CORBA/e Text Resources

  • CORBA Explained Simply, Ciaran McHale
    A concise book for people who want a technical understanding of the concepts and terminology of CORBA without learning the low-level details. Check it out here.

For technical details, please view the CORBA/e flyer or view the entire specification on this resource page.